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Dead Sea Landscapes

Star Trails at Timna Park

Cranes Migration

Jerusalem - The Holy City

Alternative Tel Aviv

The lowest  place on earth is a perfect location for great landscape photography.
Water-filled sinkholes and extraordinary salt formations meet crystal clear water, creating an amazing scenery and beautiful photography opportunities.

A geological window to the mighty forces of nature.
Join us on a Two days workshop, where you will learn all about long exposure, star trails and time-laps.
This wild scenery is a perfect foreground to the light pollution free starry night.


Witness one of the most astonishing nature phenomenon in Israel – The Migration of the Cranes, when over 30,000 cranes fill the Sky of Hula Park.
A Safari Wagon will take us into the action, as we sit and watch nature performs its magic right in front of us.

Visit some of the most sacred places in Israel, while we create powerful photography opportunities for you.
In a few hours, we will explore beautiful holy places to 3 religions, and discover the remarkable city which allows it to co-exist.

The city that literally never sleeps. Join us on an alternative photo tour behind the scenes of this exciting city.
Discover the old street-art covered walls, enjoy the unique smells and tastes, meet the People who make Tel-Aviv so special,  and take beautiful photos!

Create, while you travel

Our one day photo tours and 2 days workshops are perfect for the photography enthusiasts
and for those who want to experience Israel a bit different


What  To Expect

 Professional and personal guidance 

Each tour is lead by a Geographical tour guide who is also a professional photographers with years of experience, not only in photography, but also in teaching and leading photographic tour.

 Photography experience 

We will make sure you not only learn and enjoy, but making the best off the location, and go back home with great photos.
Your skills will improve and we are sure you will learn something new.

 Access to great spots

Because we are well known in town, after years of travelling, shooting and making friends, you’ll gain access to special places, private homes and “behind the scene” locations.

 Group Size
The Group is small and intimate to suite the location character.
This is not only for a bette ratio, but because we know you don’t want to see other photographers in your frame.
In certain locations, when group is slightly larger, a second guide will Join.

 Right on Time

Our tours are set to go to the best place during the best time of the year on the best hour of the day,
So even you non photographers friends can join and enjoy the beautiful sights.


Photographers say they don’t know if the trip was good until they get home and see the pictures,
but that is because photographers are a bit crazy.
We promise you will have a lot of fun during the tour, and even after, once you see the result.

What is not included.


Cameras and Equipment
We do know most of the cameras, so we can help with specific questions, however, we do not provide any photography gear.


All tour meeting points we are easy to reach by public transportation.
please contact us with any question or problem regarding transportation.


Food and Drink
Unless specifically states, no food or drinks are supplied.


For any question, please contact us

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