Ndutu – Circle Of Life

Ndutu – Circle Of Life

Extreme Wildlife Safari in Africa

Balloon in Tanzania

Balloon over the Savannah

Tanzania, by Roie Galitz

Africa is the wildest place on earth, and Tanzania is the heart and soul of that astonishing continent. We can witness one of its greatest marvels every year, on a very short time period in February, when around 200,000 Gnus give birth to their offspring. The young adorable calves offer amazing opportunities for the excited photographers, as well as for the hungry predators of Ndutu. The great cats have been waiting for almost a year. The cheetahs teach their cubs to hunt and families of lions fight over territory and dominance on the enormous battle field in preparation for that remarkable occasion.
Our journey will take place right in the middle of that breath-taking action. We will be sleeping in luxurious tents inside Ndutu Park for 9 days, when only cloth separates us from the wilderness outside. We will wake up before sunrise to catch the early morning “kills” in the golden hour, and go to sleep at night to the sounds of the animal’s footsteps around our tents. 

Day 1 – Welcome to Tanzania

Masai Tribe warriors

Masai Tribe warriors

Tanzania Africa, by Nir Geiger

Phototeva guide will welcome the travelers to Arusha, where we will get to know our local guides and our open Safari Toyota Landcruisers Vehicle.
After lunch we will drive to Ngorongoro Farm House for dinner and overnight.

Hyena looking for prey


Ndutu Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Days 2 – 8 – Ndutu

On the second morning we will start our journey, ready to change our way we experience the world – We will not only see the dazzling nature as we do when we watch it on TV, but also smell, hear and truly feel it from the best seats available.

Vulture Landing

Vulture Landing

Ndutu Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Two professional photographers and Local guides, who know the parks like the back of their hand, will lead us in a slow drive thru the endless planes, while we encounter countless amazing photography opportunities and breathtaking sights. Driving through those remote areas will allow us to go off the beaten track and get a better view at the wild animal’s behavior. We will hear the hyenas cracking his pray’s bones and watch our reflection in the eyes of a hunting feline.

Lions mating

Lions mate

Ndutu Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Needless to say, we will also encounter some of Africa’s great mammals, birds and reptiles. Giant elephants and tall giraffes, little antelopes and dwarf mongoose – the wildlife of Tanzania will be revealed in front of us in all sizes, shapes and colors. We will look at the skies for eagles, vultures, Lilacs, owls and kites, and search the ground for warthogs, hippos and hornbills.

Every evening we will go back to our equipped tents – just imagine lying in bed, hearing bloodcurdling scream of a lost zebra or footsteps of a lion just outside your tent. On the last evening we will drive back to Ngorongoro farmhouse for dinner and goodnight sleep.



Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Day 9 – Arusha and Good bye

After breakfast we will drive to Arusha. The last sights of Tanzania will complete the wonderful memories we gained during this remarkable expedition. At this time we will say goodbye and head back home to our civilised life.

Cliff Springer


Ndutu Tanzania, by Nir Geiger


2 nights in high level hotels (2 pax in a standard double room).

6 nights in luxury tents (2 pax per tent).

3 meals a day. 

3 travelers in 8 passengers vehicles for extra comfort and photography angles.

Personal training, guidance and critique from professional nature photographers.

Full days in the parks, early morning till late evening.

Bottled water supply for the whole trip.

English speaking local guides, with great knowledge of Tanzania and wildlife!

2 binoculars per Vehicle.

Other animal enthusiasts and photography lovers like you.   

Not included:

Entering Fee to Tanzania ($50).

Personal spending (extra beverage, food, etc.).

Personal insurance.

Single accommodation at extra cost.

2 passenger in a vehicles at extra cost.

Tips for the drivers.

Dates and order of the plan may vary according to ground conditions.


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