Deep into Wild Africa

This fascinating journey will take us to one of the most stunning and exciting places in Africa – Tanzania. Join an unforgettable opportunity to explore a barely touched land, and meet wild animals face to face in their natural habitat.
Tanzania is home to fifth of all big mammals in Africa and holds more than 1200 species of intriguing mammals and birds, including endangered species such as the Black Rhino. The great wildebeest migration in Tanzania, where millions of animals follow the rain, was declared as one of “Seven new wonders of the World”. We will witness this breath-taking wonder on our 9th day expedition, where our experienced guides will lead us to close encounters, and create outstanding photography opportunities and memories for life.

A young lion cub, simba


Tanzania Africa, by Roie Galitz

Day 1 – Welcome to Tanzania
Phototeva guide will welcome the travellers to Arusha, where we will get to know our local guides and the open Safari
, Toyota Landcruisers Vehicles. After Lunch we will head to Ngorongoro Farm House for dinner and sleep.

Day 2 – Ngorongoro Crater
This Paradise on earth is where we will spend one of the most exciting days of our trip. A slow descent from the crater’s rim, down the caldera will bring us into an inactive volcano, surrounded by 600 meters tall walls. The crater is a microcosm, where we can find a magnificent savannah, salt lake, fresh water lake, big and small mammals, thousands of birds including the pink flamingos and much more. Most of the animals born and die in the crater and never leave its borders.

Line of Zebras in Ngorongoro crater

Zebras in Ngorongoro

Tanzania Africa, by Nir Geiger

Day 3 – Serengeti national park
After breakfast we will drive north-west, to the Serengeti nature reserve. Even before our arrival to the south gate we might be able to meet the Zebras, Gnus and Giraffes.

Lion's feet resting on a rock - Serengeti national park

Lion’s feet

Serengeti national park, by Nir Geiger

Once we enter the Serengeti endless planes, we will be prepared for any thrilling situation which might be waiting for us, since we can never really predict what surprises Mother Nature has in store for us this time. Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and many more will accompany us throughout the day. We will arrive to Serengeti Serena Lodge for dinner and overnight.

leopard lying on a tree


Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Days 4 – 5 – Serengeti national park
Two miraculous game days at Serengeti nature reserve. We will drive slowly, following the migration path and observe the animals in their natural habitat, where humans barely touched the gorgeously untamed nature. We will watch the behavior of the Giraffes and massive herds of Zebras and Gnus, and try to locate the illusive cats – Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards and other predators that roam the Serengeti. We will also look for dwarf mongoose, Baboons, Antelopes, Eagles and other birds, and fall for the intelligent Elephants. We will try to get up close to the dangerous Hippos and Crocodiles and might even watch a “kill” by one of the predators. The intense and powerful experience of the Serengeti is the reason it was declared as a World Heritage site.


Young Elephants trunk

Young Elephant

Tarangire Park, by Nir Geiger

Day 6 – Lake Manyara
Leaving through the Serengeti gates, enriched with great new memories, we will continue to Lake Manyara where we will observe over 300 species of migrating birds. Other mammals, such as elephants, baboons, hippos, impalas and more also inhabit the national park. If we are lucky we might spot one of the Lake most superb predators – the leopard. At the end of the day we will arrive at Lake Manyara Serena hotel.

Fish Eagle landing on a tree

Fish Eagle

Tanzania Africa, by Roie Galitz

Days 7 – 8 – Tarangire National Park
Two more wonderful days at another unique and incredibly beautiful Tanzanian reserve parks. Hugh Baobab trees will welcome us to the park, where we will meet large herds of elephants and lions. This is a great place to see some of Tanzania most striking birds and the romantic Dik-Dik antelopes. Dinner and overnight will be held at Crest hotel.

Dik-Dik - Nir Geiger


Tanzania, by Nir Geiger

Day 9 – Arusha and Farewell
According to Flight time, we will visit Arusha Park. The park is small but varied with spectacular landscapes in three distinct areas – the craters, Mount Meru and the alkaline Momella lakes. The park is not only famous for its magnificent population of wild animals but also for its breathtaking landscapes, wonderful geological formations and beautiful colors while the great Kilimanjaro overlooks it all. We will then head to Arusha Airport and say goodbye to miraculous Tanzania.

Family of Hyenas in Serengeti Park

Family of Hyenas

Serengeti Park, by Roie Galitz


8 nights in high level hotels (2 pax in a standard double room).

3 meals a day.

4 travellers in 8 passengers vehicles for extra comfort and photography angles.

Personal training, guidance and critique from professional nature photographers.

Full days in the parks, early morning till late evening.

Bottled water supply for the entire trip.

English speaking local guides, with great knowledge of the Tanzanian land and wildlife!

Visits in local markets and meet the real culture and people of Tanzania.

Visit to a local Masai village.

2 binoculars per Vehicle.

Other animal enthusiasts and photography lovers like you.   


Not included:

Entering Fee ($50)

Personal spending (extra beverage, food, etc.)

Personal insurance

Single accommodation at extra cost

Tips for the drivers 


Dates and order of the plan may vary according to ground conditions.



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