Planet of the Apes

Mountain Gorilla 

Mountain Gorilla

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

West to the endless savannahs of Tanzania and Kenya lies Uganda –
The marvellous pearl of Africa!
Uganda is one of the most unique and exciting places in Africa. It is an incredibly welcoming country, with rich culture and natural scenery.
Exploring Uganda will grant you the perfect African experience – from mysterious jungles and wide savannahs to picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes.
The possibility of getting into close encounters with apes – the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, makes Uganda a MUST visit destination in every nature lover and photography enthusiast’s wish list. On our journey, local trackers will lead us deep into the jungle to the natural habitat of the rare and endangered mountain gorillas. Observing the apes from a short touching distance will help us understand our origin and  the rhino sanctuary will teach us the importance of preservation of nature.

Day 1 – Entebbe
Phototeva guide will welcome the travelers to Entebbe, Uganda. After checking into the hotel, we will go canoeing in a near swamp, where we will be able to spot and photograph the local birds like the Shoebill and Turaco.

colourful bee-eaters 

Bee eaters

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 2 – Lake Mburo
After breakfast we will cross the equator and head to Lake Mburo. On our way there, we will stop in a small community village and meet the locals. The little voices and big smiles of the kids at the local school will fill us with great energy and excitement towards the following events and surprises.
At noon we will arrive to a natural reserve and hike along the park trails.
Be prepared, at that point you will see the wild animals face to face.

Happy Kids in Uganda 

Happy Kids

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 3 – Lake Bunyonyi and Bwindi
We will embark on our exciting journey towards the dense forests of the mountain gorillas, as we leave the hotel to Bwindi Park. Our first stop will be Lake Bunyonyi, one of the deepest and most beautiful lakes in Africa, where we will jump in for a refreshing swim. After Lunch we dive right into the jungle, trekking a mesmerising road which ends at our hotel, where we will eat dinner and sleep.

Dwarf Mongoose 

Dwarf Mongoose

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 4 – Mountain Gorillas – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Right before sunrise, our trackers will go deep into the jungle to discover the gorilla’s tracks. We will join them after breakfast and bushwalk through the dense jungle, searching for a gorilla family. The encounter with the gorillas, the biggest ape in the world, is an experience cannot be expressed in words. They are peaceful but powerful, smart and beautiful, and most of all – they look and feel so human.

Mountain Gorilla portrait 

Mountain Gorilla

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 5 – Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth Park
Ishasha, located in the south area of Queen Elizabeth Park, is an area well known for its tree climbing lions. Many Savanna mammals can be found in the park, such as leopards, buffalos, giraffes and elephants. Our vehicles will take us on a slow ride as we observe these magnificent animals.

Elephant texture 

Elephant texture

by Nir Geiger

Day 6 – Kazinga Channel – Crater Lakes
On our sixth morning we will embark on a boat which will take us to a cruise along the Kazinga Channel, right when the animals will come out for their morning drink. We will be able to witness the hippos, elephants and crocks lurking the buffalos. Afternoon we will hang out in the beautiful carter lakes where we will meet the locals and enjoy swimming in the refreshing water.

Day 7 – Fort Portal – Masindi
On the seventh day we will drive from Fort Portal to Masindi, along the beautiful landscapes of Lake Albert. On our way, we will stop at local villages and beautifully authentic markets for a real local experience.

Happy kids with traveller 

Happy kids

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 8 – 9 Murchison Park
The biggest park in Uganda is home to over 500 species of mammals and birds, and five species of monkeys. among them is one of our closest relatives – the chimpanzee. We will start our day hiking through the park trails with a local ranger, to explore the wildlife of the chimpanzees. After trekking, we will go back to our vehicles and cross the Nile River to the north side of the park.  We will visit Lake Albert, as we continue to spot the marvellous animals of the savannah. We might even be able to locate the illusive leopard.
On our second day at the park a boat will get us to the famous Murchison fall, where water streams through a narrow gorge and flows at a massive 43 meters drop. At the base of the falls we will leave the boat and hike up to the top, where our vehicles will be waiting for us.

Young child in Bwindi 

Young child

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

Day 10 – Rhino Sanctuary
On our tenth morning we will visit a unique and important project – the Rhino sanctuary. This huge natural park is home to 32 rhinos, which will be released back to the wild once they are capable to survive on their own as a part of the “reintroduction project”. We will track the rhinos with trained rangers and observe them from a close but safe distance.

Day 11 – Jinja
Our last day in Uganda is a free day; you will be able to choose one of many attractions this wonderful town has to offer. A little hint – most of the people come to Jinja thanks to its white water rafting over the Nile (but there is much more to see and do there). According to flight schedule, we will leave town, head to the Airport and say Goodbye to the pearl of Africa.

Mountain Gorilla closeup 

Mountain Gorilla

Uganda, by Roie Galitz

10 nights in high level hotels (2 pax in a standard double room).

Gorilla permits

3 meals a day.

4 travelers in 8 passengers’ vehicles for extra comfort and photography angles.

Personal training, guidance and critique from professional nature photographers.

Bottled water supply for the whole trip

English speaking local guides, with great knowledge of Uganda and wildlife!

Other animal enthusiasts and photography lovers like you.  


Not included:
Uganda Visa Fee – $50

Personal spending (extra beverage, food, etc.)

Personal insurance

Single accommodation at extra cost

Tips for the drivers 

Dates and order of the plan may vary according to ground conditions.


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